Sunday, December 22, 2013

Year in review?

This has been a very exciting year overall. I've had a few up's and downs over the last 12 months. I do think more up's then downs overall. I've had a lot of great things happen to me this year for both work and personal life. Let me see what has been good this year? 

 I've started this blog, which I plan on working more on next year and hoping to build on this for my CCIE Datacenter studies as well as some really cool NetApp stuff. 

I've been able to spend a lot of time with my little boy. He is growing up so fast, I find it very hard to imagine what life was like before he came around. 

We bought a house, much needed room and nice place to call home. 

I was invited into the NetApp Advocate program! (Very cool thing for me! Really excited to help out with that program!)

I'm sure there are a few other things, it was a whole year afterall and I can't have just had four things happen that I am happy about. But that will be my happy list for right now. So, what about bad you ask? The two items that I can think of are work kept me away from home a lot in the last few months. That was a bummer as I missed a few things at home that I would have loved to have seen with my wife and my boy. The other thing was a customer issue that really shook my confidance in what I was doing. I've since been vindicated, but I had about a month where I was very nervous on anything that I did without triple checking it more then I normally would.

I actually had a vendor tell me that I did a LOT wrong with an install. They told me the reason it wasn't working, and seemed to keep getting worse every day, was due to my misconfiguration of a storage system that I installed. The customer got to the point over a few hours where they didn't want to work with me anymore. I was floored. I went back over everything I had done onsite and reviewed all my notes looking for what I had done wrong. I didn't get specifics from the vendor, just that it was wrong and it was my fault. 

How could this be? This wasn't my first install, and I was pretty confidant that I had done things right. I thought I double checked before I saved and then packed up and left? 

I thought these questions and many others over the weeks that followed, and not just for that one client. I thought about it for every client that followed where I touched their systems or network. I didn't want to leave another client working fine and then get a call the next day saying things were all messed up and moving farther south. 

Well, come to find out...the customer that had the issues actually made some changes after I left. They called the vendor support number like they normally do and support had them do some more changes to fix what was done. Then the client told them it was set up that way by me, which cased the vendor to day it was done wrong. Also, the support person didn't get them to fix everything, just the storage system. They still had issues with VMware stuff that kept on for the next few weeks while our VMware guy they asked to work with (because they didn't want to work with me anymore) reviewed their stuff and found that the customer changes and the vendor changes caused a lot of issues. It wasn't anything I had done. It's amazing how that messes with your head though. 

In the end, I know I'm not perfect and I will/do make mistakes. I know that I don't have the golden touch and I need help sometimes. But I also know a lot more then I may give myself credit for and that I do good work. I would never leave a client in the position that they were in the day after I had left. 

I sure hope everyone has a great holiday season and be very safe out there. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm excited for what next year will bring for both personal and professional goals. I will be writing a goal post early next month to have them down and out there for everyone to keep me to, to look out for that. 

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