Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 and no new years resolutions

2015 has now come and as of right now is almost gone. The year as a whole was very quiet for me. I did my job the best I could and came home to play with mini-me. I want to say my last year was in three parts. Cisco Live, NetApp Insight, and iVision while the new year will start with no resolutions! 

Cisco Live 2015

This was my second year at Cisco Live (I'm hoping for a third next year) and it was amazing. I met a number of great people and really threw myself into Cisco's cloud track and took as much as my little brain could handle. I haven't been able to put that to good use just yet, but Cisco has a great vision on Cloud and IoT and with the way the industry is going, I've very excited to see how this plays out. I've been trying to learn to code for months and just when I really get some aspects of it down....I get pulled away and can't remember how to code my "Hello World" statement.

NetApp Insight 2015

Being a member of the cray awesome NetApp A-Team is so much fun. The people who make up the team are super sharp and we are all a little crazy in our own way. Our big get together is at NetApp Insight and going to such a great conference with these amazing people is so much fun. At Insight, I was able to participate in a number of activities such as Tech ONTAP interviews, Greet and Geek social with NetApp U, amazing technical sessions, and other great social events that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now. It was a great week and much needed after the year at work. 

Random Krispy Kreme Burger

At some point in the fall, I ate this burger. It was VERY sweet.


Toward the end of 2015 I made a change in my career. I've been a network person for almost as long as I have been doing IT work. I'm very proud of the work I have done and love working with Cisco technologies. Somewhere along the way I decided that I wanted to be a datacenter person and not just a network person. Knowing the network is important, but I wanted more. I wanted to know the storage and compute parts as well. Cisco and NetApp have the FlexPod and it's amazing. The implementation is very strait forward, the design documents are well written, and the technology behind the UCS and NetApp gear is cutting edge. But I haven't had a chance to mess with it in over a year and I was getting an itch to get back into it more. At Accenture, I was the "network admin" and that was fine for a little while. But I want to be a datacenter engineer, I want to work on cloud stuff, and I really wanted to get back into NetApp storage...and along came iVision. This place is a great place to work. It's a smaller company, but that fits me very well. I'm helping to manage their cloud infrastructure and am a senior storage engineer on their managed services team (ESS). I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, but I'm very happy so far.

No New Years Resolutions

Every year I make new resolutions like millions of other people. I've even put them up on Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and wherever I could to keep myself accountable for these goals that I set for myself. And every year I fail. So for this year, I'm not going to do resolutions. I have the same goals that I think I've set for the last two years. 

  1. Cisco Certifications (CCIE level something or at least CCNP Cloud)
  2. NetApp Certifications (Mine expired, I need to renew)
  3. Programing language learning (Python is top but iOS Swift is also up there)
  4. Blogging more technical content instead of my opinion stuff (See below)
  5. Getting into better shape (I am in a shape, just not a good one)
  6. Doing better on completing my goals (kind of the point of this)
So, in order to do this I'm looking for a way to break these goals into doable chunks. I think I overwhelm myself with the goal and then never do anything with it. Like programming, learning a new language is VERY time consuming and if you just jump in saying "I'm going to learn to be fluent in python" then your never going to get there. Breaking it up into chunks like "I'm going to learn loops in python today" or "I want to change the file names of these files in bulk, how do I do that" might be better. You learn a little bit and build on that little bit. I need to get the CCNA Cloud stuff done and then work on renewing my NetApp certifications. Small steps, but I'm not setting any resolutions because I never keep them. I need something a bit more manageable and that is what I aim to do. 

To the readers!!

I want to thank you guys who take the time to read my ramblings. I need to when I created Storage Deconstructed I intended this place to be more technical, a place where I could write up things as I learned them and hope that it helped someone else along the way. I've done maybe one of these post and have countless "drafts" that I never work on. I just don't feel my writing is good enough for technical and when I start researching I find so many good posts that I don't feel like recreating the wheel. I do intend to write more (see above, not a resolution but an overall goal) and keep things updated more on here and hope to get in some technical content, but thank you for reading what I have. I see people coming here and reading. Blogger gives me stats that I like to look at. I really appreciate it and hope that you get something out of my ramblings. I do this for two people, myself to learn and break out of my comfort zone and for you to help learn. I know I succeed on one of these, I'm going to work on the second one. I hope everyone has a safe new year and looking forward to what is coming down the road! 

Happy New Year!!

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