Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cisco Champion 2016

Ok, I will admit that I was waiting for this email to come out for a while and I finally got it today. I was accepted into the Cisco Champions Program for 2016!! Yay! I would also like to congratulate everyone who made it into the program this year! I know a number of people myself and am looking forward to collaborating with everyone thought the year!

Yes, I was in the program last year and I really enjoyed it. I do have to say, I don't think I did enough though. I wrote one blog on ACI/Python and went around talking about Cisco for a year, but I didn't participate in the activities enough I don't think. I could have written more, I could have done more. To be 100% here, I say the same thing about my NetApp A-Team duties. I surly don't do enough I think for either team. So, goal for this year is to correct that. How? Writing more often I think.

I've been working really closely with some amazing people on trying to build out a cloud environment. It's a subject that I am very passionate about. So, over the next few months as we build out V2.0 of our new cloud environment I want to take what I learn and share it. I know about "cloud" and the concept and am a firm believer that hybrid-cloud is going to be here to stay for the long term. I don't believe that pure cloud options are for everyone but maybe startups or small companies that don't have years of infrastructure already built. I think that established companies will look at cloud for the great advantages that it offers, but not as a 100% solution to their needs. What's great is both Cisco and NetApp have amazing cloud strategies and I hope to see that implemented in our 2.0.

I'm also taking this post to mention I'm going to start running head long down the Cisco Cloud certification track. I have a few things to do first, but after I get some other stuff knocked out then I will take this up full time. Right now it's through the CCNP, and that is ok. I would like to see some kind of CCIE level certification for them, but more on that as I get there. I will keep this blog updated with that as well.

Thanks to those people who read these posts. I hope to have more up this year. It's going to be very exciting for me with what they are allowing me to do at my job and the people I get to work with are top notch.